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Level up your Instagram feed by taking stunning pictures with our Sunset Lamp.

The EmporioGoods™ - Sunset Lamp projects a sunset-like glow onto your walls making it so you can enjoy all the benefits of golden-hour lighting anytime, anywhere.

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  • Radhika Singh

    "Obsessed with my Sunset Lamp! It makes my room look beautiful and I get compliments for that all the time."

  • Ashwini Kapoor

    "I've seen this Sunset Lamp everywhere lately!!! I bought 4 Lamps from them and will likely buy more. LOVE THEM!!"

  • Priya Singhal

    "Their customer service is the BEST!!!!! I needed two extra for my cousin. I emailed them and they got back to me within hours. Most online stores take forever! It was refreshing and I will definitely buy from them again!"